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Trial offer: Consultation plus 3 training sessions

Personal Training

One to one - £150

Small Group Training

You and a friend - £180 (£90 each)

You and 2 friends - £225 (£75 each)

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Look, feel and perform better with AchieveFit.

Choose AchieveFit and you will be provided with a personal service.

You have your own set of goals, your personal training experience will be unique.

You will be assessed thoroughly and honestly, with no assumptions made.

During the assessment a health and movement screen will be completed.

Your individual needs and well-being are the absolute priorities.

The assessment outcome will help us set achievable and realistic goals.

You will be guided through an exercise and nutrition plan around your lifestyle and schedule.

The consultation and assessment

Initial health and movement screen to ensure your well-being is a priority.

Identify the factors that could be preventing you from achieving your goals such as injuries, work related stress, lack of sleep etc. Have help and guidance to help find solutions to manage these factors.

With this information you will have a training and nutrition programme that is positive yet realistic.

What sets me apart from other Personal Trainers?

Experience - As a former Olympic Athlete with over 15 years' experience as a personal trainer I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my profession.

Passion - I have a real passion for what I do and the experience and maturity to channel this passion into my clients' training programmes.

Care - My initial assessment of each and every client coupled with a firm belief that personal trainers have a duty of care towards those they are training.

Attitude - No ‘Sergeant Major’, bully boy attitude often associated with Personal Trainers.

Respect - You are in charge. I am here to support and guide you to make informed decisions.

Send me an email to book your trial sessions.

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Ever thought of trying small group training?

Working in a small group, building friendships whilst motivating each other and achieving your fitness goals together can be so rewarding.

It costs less per session than an individual training session. More sessions for your money, leading to better results.

Small group sizes mean you still get the individual attention of a personal trainer but for a smaller cost.


Please contact me for further details, or to book your trial sessions.

Ian Freeman Achieve Fit Personal Trainer

Ian Freeman OLY


Studio Address:

Unit 4
Hersham Farm Business Park
Longcross Road
KT16 0DN

About Me

My passion for fitness began through judo, the sport in which I competed from the age of 5 years old. My achievements in judo include competing for Great Britain in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, winning the World and European Championship at under 21 level, and European bronze medal at senior level.

Following my judo career, I completed a BTEC Higher National Diploma in the Science and Management of Health and Fitness, and began a career in Personal Training.

From 2002, I have worked at the Wentworth Club Limited, helping a wide range of clients achieve their goals, including fat loss, muscle gain, improved sports performance and injury rehabilitation. I have gained vast experience and knowledge, and believe in fitness and nutrition solutions that fit the unique needs of each client. I feel that constantly learning and evolving is paramount to giving my clients the best possible service. My recent certifications include the Functional Movement Screen Level 1 and 2, Functional Range Conditioning, Strong First Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 and 2 and becoming a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.

In April 2016 I launched AchieveFit, offering a mobile Personal and Small Group Training service, in and around the Virginia Water area.

Personal Achievements

Judo career major honours:

  5th place at the 1991 World Judo Championships, in Barcelona.

  Bronze medal in the 1991 European Judo Championships, in Prague.

  Gold medal in the 1992 U21 World Judo Championships, in Buenos Aires.

  Gold medal in the 1992 European U21 Judo Championships, in Jerusalem.

  Represented Great Britain in judo, at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

  Bronze medal at the 1993 European U21 Judo Championship, in Arnhem.


Type of Session 10 Sessions 20 Sessions
Consultation - -
1 to 1 Session £510 £920
Group of 2 £615(£307.50 each) -
Group of 3 £765(£255 each) -

All sessions are for 1 hour. Group training is available for pre-organised groups of friends/family members.

Please contact me for prices for my mobile services as prices may vary according to location.

Customer Testimonials

Deborah Whitmarsh


For many years I found that all attempts to train and keep fit resulted in injury or set back. I could sense immediately that Ian had a clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve and at the same time his patient, sensible approach would ensure that I could avoid the issues that would usually interfere with my programme.

Throughout all of the training sessions that I have enjoyed with Ian, he has always shown the highest level of professionalism whilst providing the motivation that I have enjoyed.

Never willing to just do the same old routines, Ian continually demonstrates a creative approach whilst always open to new learning.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ian to anyone who is looking to enhance their fitness,build strength or recover from injury.

Micke Wersall


Ian is a true professional and has helped to transform me from super unfit to super fit. I started using Ian over five years ago. At the time I was badly affected by a degenerative joint illness that made it difficult for me to train and keep my muscle volume. A combination of a new medicine and regular training with Ian allowed me to start building my strength again. Each would ensure that I could avoid the issues that would usually interfere with my programme.

To begin with I could not do a single press-up or even hang from the bars for pull-ups. Ian gave me short term and long term goals and not only transformed me in terms of strength but also posture. He read up about my joint illness and spoke to a physiotherapist to make sure that he did not cause any damage. I can now do over 10 press-ups and pull ups and I have added 10 kilo of muscle mass.

Thank you Ian for transforming my life.

Jeremy Stock

Virginia Water

I’m an old rugby player, with old injuries. After a spinal operation some time back I needed to prepare myself for another operation... what a transformation!

Not only did I prepare for it, but with Ian's expertise, I sailed through it, had the operation and I'm now back in training... to be fit! 16 weeks after the latest operation, I’m fitter, stronger, and feeling great about my abilities.

I realised after years on inactivity with a poor back, I could have kept fit after all. Ian has bought back the strength I thought I had lost! Thanks Ian!!!

Pratap Shirke

Virginia Water

Just over a year ago my wife gave me 10 sessions with Ian as a birthday gift. Prior to starting with Ian the only exercise I did regularly was swim. Over the first 10 sessions Ian first looked at my flexibility, then moving on to more rigorous resistance exercises, followed by working on increasing endurance.

The 10 sessions are long over, but I have continued working with Ian.

Working with Ian has definitely toned up my body, my general health has improved, and as an added bonus my golf is better.

I plan to continue working with Ian as long as he is willing to tolerate me, and recommend him very highly to anyone who wants to improve their general wellbeing.

Harrison Brown

Virginia Water

Looking for a personal trainer for a junior, high performance tennis athlete was going to be a challenge but we struck gold when we found Ian.

Knowing himself the pressures of top level sport has undoubtedly helped him train our son, devising a detailed program specifically for his needs - and making sure not to over train and adapting sessions as necessary in line with growth spurts, training blocks and tournaments etc.

Injury prevention is critical and the results speak for themselves. Since having Ian as his personal trainer our son has excelled on court and had minimal time out with injury.

Motivating a teenager at 7am to willingly train and achieve his full potential is a fabulous skill, which added to his excellent level of knowledge and experience really does make Ian a superb personal trainer who we wouldn't hesitate to recommend!

Call us now: 07540 098637 Email:

Trial offer: Consultation plus 3 training sessions

Personal Training

One to one - £150

Small Group Training

You and a friend - £180 (£90 each)

You and 2 friends - £225 (£75 each)

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